Well-being for older adults

ASPIRE55 – Asia’s first virtual retirement village, is a wellbeing community that offers a combination of social, health and care services but enables members to continue living in their existing homes. We create family style mini clubhouses for our 50+ community, with a portfolio of over 100 active ageing programmes and activities, bringing like-minded people together as a family to age successfully. ASPIRE55 was interviewed by The Straits Times Life on 1 January 2017 and BBC News on 18 January 2018.

We also curate and distribute global products that focus on fun rehabilitation and active ageing. We are the authorised distributors for Bunne Music Guitar for the following countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan R.O.C.

Members will participate in preventive health activities like strength training for falls and incontinence prevention, brain training to reduce risks of dementia and regular social activities.

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ASPIRE55 Community – Stronger as we age, Happier as we age, Supported as we age

ASPIRE55 was interviewed by BBC News on 18 January 2018. Our members are ahead of most older people in taking care of their health, by embarking in strength training routine and active engagement within ASPIRE55 social community.

Building Social Health Communities

ASPIRE55 focuses on helping our members to maintain their physical well-being, encouraging them to exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle. Fun, energizing and active ageing activities are created to keep our community engaged and supported as they age.

Senior Fitness Specialist

ASPIRE55 fitness programmes are designed for a small-group setting (not more than 5 pax), supervised by a trainer. Training programme are customised and reviewed and tweaked regularly to help members active their fitness and ADL goals.

Senior Fitness Monitoring and Benchmarking

ASPIRE55 fitness programme includes periodic fitness assessment for our members, as part of our regular discussion on their fitness goals and customisation of their training programme. Data collected are analysed to create Asian Older Adults Fitness Benchmarks.