Chengdu Longlive Pension Industry Development Co, ltd

Longlive's elderly-centric home modification products and software application for tackling Double Ageing

This exhibition presents LangLive’s innovative products and smart solutions in tackling Double Ageing, including the Longlive fall protection black-technology device “ANHUSHI® Smart Hip Protector”, “Longlive elderly-centric home modification model room”, and “Longlive elderly-centric home modification system”.

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The ANHUSHI® Smart Hip Protector developed by LongLive is a semi-open protector that helps prevent major hip fracture. The built-in crash pad in the protector can instantly form a protective layer over the hip bone during a fall or collision, reducing the risk of hip fracture of older people. With a location tracking and alert device, the protector allows users to send SOS signals to their family members, enabling timely medical attention and avoiding detrimental consequences of falls.

LongLive model room showcases solutions that best suit the elderly, including the intelligent system that controls household electrical appliances; smart devices such as sleep monitoring blanket and wind and rain sensors; furniture including bed, cabinet and height-adjustable kitchen countertop; non-slip floor treatment as well as barrier-free home design. The model room demonstrates a modern, intelligent home care system developed through the integration of Internet of Things and elder-centric designs that supports ageing at home, offering system support, safety monitoring and health management services, thereby creating a safe, convenient living environment for the elderly.