Descamps.Technology Limited

Smart Sensing Enables Smart Aging

Descamps.Technology Limited is a Hong Kong-based artificial intelligence (“A.I.”) company, specializing in research, design, development, production and implementation of proprietary smart sensors and ambient intelligence solutions to improve daily lives at home and in business environments.

The elderly face difficulties in daily life, especially those living on their own. With sharp growth in aging population, most elderly have to wait at risk for dedicated caring services for 3 years on average in Hong Kong. In order to live safely, independently, comfortably and healthily, it is pivotal to determine the type of services and environment being offered. With proprietary sensing and AI technologies, Descamps.Technology aims to improve lives of the elderly by identifying their potential problems, ranged from psychological and physical well-being to daily living arrangement. Then we escalate their needs to corresponding parties offering other smart aging or dedicated caring services while adhering to full privacy and the highest data security level.

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Sensors are the keys to promote smart aging. Unlike most sensors available in marketplace, our palm-sized smart home sensors (i.e. Ambient 16) detect cooking, hygiene, TV times and sleeping in all privacy (i.e. no camera and eavesdropping) and data security. This is vital to take good care of our beloved during the times of COVID.