Hong Kong Housing Society

Creating Age-friendly Communities

Founded in 1948, Hong Kong Housing Society is the first non-government housing organisation in Hong Kong. For over 70 years, the Housing Society has been providing affordable housing and related services to meet the needs of the community with a social mission.

As Hong Kong’s “housing laboratory”, the Housing Society started the planning of elderly housing as early as in 1999 and has been advocating the concept of “ageing in place” for over 20 years. Through home safety, health & wellness, and care & support, the Housing Society strives to build quality homes with an elderly-friendly living environment and comprehensive supporting services.

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Elderly Housing and Care

In our role as Hong Kong’s “housing laboratory’, we at the Housing Society have remained resolute to develop elderly housing projects targeted at all socio-economic groups, from low- to middle- income elderly as well as those in more favourable financial conditions.

We also provide housing related services for the elderly, such as our ageing-in-place support and promotion of age-friendly home concepts for seniors in the community.

In addition to providing elderly housing and services in our own estates and housing developments, we showcase the latest products and facilities in gerontechnology at the Elderly Resources Centre, and at the same time provide public education, assessment of physical well-being and home environment, and consultation services to facilitate ageing in place within the community.

Ageing-in-Place Scheme

Most of the elderly prefers remaining at their familiar homes as long as they wish. The Housing Society launched the Ageing-in-Place (AIP) Scheme in our rental estates in 2012, aiming to promote elderly tenants’ well-being, resilience to health decline and avoid premature institutionalisation, so as to achieve “ageing in place“.

Through mobilising community participation, partnership with the government departments, welfare organisations, healthcare service providers as well as academics, a one-stop service and concern network for the elderly residents is established to fulfill their needs in housing, healthcare and social support.

Senior Citizen Residences Scheme

The Senior Citizen Residences Scheme (SEN) is a subsidised residential project tailored for the middle-income seniors. Residents are provided with a lifetime tenancy to occupy SEN units upon paying an entry contribution.

All SEN units are designed to incorporate age-friendly elements, such as doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, curbless design at shower areas and the Integrated Care Link System.

The SEN projects also feature a range of facilities such as garden and recreational facilities, enabling residents to keep socially connected and physically active.

Quality Elderly Housing Projects

The Tanner Hill is a non-subsidised elderly housing project providing a one-stop solution for the more affluent elderly people who have higher expectations in their retirement years, by means of a life-long and worry-free lease option.

The residential units are specifically designed with age-friendly features such as widened entrances without door sills and larger electricity buttons and switches. An Integrated Care Link System is also in place to keep track of the tenants’ health conditions.

The Tanner Hill also includes a wide range of lifestyle amenities and elderly facilities, offering one-stop services ranging from care for senior living independently to services for those in need of nursing home care.

Integrated Redevelopment Model

The Housing Society’s rental estates have been ageing over the years, with 7 of them built over 50 years ago. To best utilise valuable land resources, we redevelop aged rental estates through integrated redevelopment model to provide more diverse housing options by optimising residual plot ratios, so as to address the housing needs of different target groups in our society nowadays.

The Housing Society also addresses the needs of different age groups when planning for public amenities, introducing aged-care facilities while reserving space for youth and children service units, so as to facilitate “intergenerational harmony”.

Corporate Video

HKHS is an independent, non-government and not-for profit organisation established in 1948, providing quality housing for the people of Hong Kong. Incorporated by Ordinance in 1951, HKHS has implemented various housing schemes to meet the needs of niche markets. Governed by Members with a Supervisory Board and an Executive Committee made up of professionals coming from different sectors of the community, we have been serving the Hong Kong community with a social mission.

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