People's Architecture Office

Urban Interventions

Like Hong Kong, many urban areas in the mainland face the problem of ageing buildings. Examples are Beijing’s historic districts, where old courtyard houses need to be preserved, and Shenzhen’s urban villages, where houses are dilapidated. To tackle the problem of ageing buildings, People’s Architecture Office, the first B Corp certified architectural design agency in Asia, applied the “Urban Intervention” regeneration strategy in the old parts of the city as an active approach to improving the condition of these areas, starting with improving small sites first and then revitalizing larger old buildings. The intervention strategies are divided into the four types: “micro-updating by plug-ins”, “temporary and mobile”, “interaction between people and environment” and “use of ready-made products”. This exhibition, featuring three urban intervention projects: Shangwei Village Plugin House, Courtyard House Plugin, and People’s Station, demonstrates how People’s Architecture Office leverages social innovation to tackle the problem of ageing buildings in historic neughbourhoods, helping to improve their communities.

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Plugin House can be built by unskilled workers using one single tool in less than a day.

Client: Guanhu Subdistrict / FuturePlus Academy
Location: SHENZHEN
Date of Completion: Jan 2018
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Sha Jinghai, Lin Mingkai
Photographer: People’s Architecture Office, Zhan Changheng

There is a variety of Plugins. They include mezzanines and expandable rooms that helps bring additional space; sliding walls and outwards/upwards tilting doors that provide seamless indoor-outdoor connections; grey water toilet flushing systems and waterless composting toilets; and different versions of kitchens and bathrooms for office and residential use.

Client:Dashilar Platform
Location:Dashilar, Beijing
Duration: July 2013 – now
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Cui Gangjian, Chen Yihuai, Gao Tianxia, Jiang Hao, Lin Tianquan, Liu Qianqian, Sun Liming, Wang Wei, Zhang Minghui, Zhou Ying
Photographer: People’s Architecture Office (PAO)

Client:Yantai Chuangyuan Cultural Media, LTD.
Principals: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Li Zhenghua, Feng Ziqing, Lin Mingkai, Xu Xi, Cui Gangjian, Xiang Weixing, Liu Sixuan, Hai Xiao, Chen Ziwei
Structural Consultant: Yu Fengbo
Photographers: People’s Architecture Office,Zhu Rui