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Intergenerational Play Space Design Competition | HKHS Prosperous Garden

Play is for everybody. A public space that enables intergenerational play is an effective way for users of all ages to increase confidence, improve physical and mental wellbeing, as well as strengthen community cohesion and sense of belonging.

These innovative “Intergenerational Play Space” design proposals are the winning proposals developed by professional and university teams under the Intergenerational Play Space Design Competition | HKHS Prosperous Garden.

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“Imagine with Senses”

“Imagine with Senses” is not only an ordinary park, but rather, a space to experience various elements: Sensory Play, Imagination, Nature and Intergenerational Design. The park comprises 7 major areas of “Sensory Play”, i.e. Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory, Tactile, Proprioceptive and Vestibular Systems.

“Space ALIVE”

“Space ALIVE” uses “personality traits” as its main play area zoning strategy, in order to break the age boundaries in traditional play spaces. With bright colors as the major palette, the new play scape utilizes dynamic topographic changes, simple flexible components, smart play equipment and sensory planting design to reshape the existing site.

“Ripple – A theatre of Life”

“Ripple – A theatre of Life” aims to bring energy, vibrancy, life and drama into Prosperous Garden, resembling the effect of a water droplet into a calm lake. By developing a spatially well integrated and interactive open space, an active, sustainable and healthy lifestyle will be promoted within the community.

Prospect Ring

Prospect Ring brings an idea to revitalize the old Yau Ma Tei District by adding vigorous and dynamic features. Prosperous Garden harnesses the historical culture along Yau Ma Tei to create itself a settlement and lots of nostalgic activities and heritages. History, Art, Landscape, Play and Fitness are the five elements to be introduced to co-design an Intergenerational Play Space.

"Learning Together"

“Learning Together” aims to increase community interaction and provide more activities to young and old, which can enhance community cohesion and sense of belonging.

"Co-flow, Co-Play, Co-mmunity"

Circular elements (“圓”, a.k.a. full/ complete/whole/reunion, in same pronunciation as “源” meaning “origin, originate or root”) is used as the major design language, with an intention to both symbolically and spatially reunite the residents, regardless of their age groups, as all is originated and rooted in the same community of Prosperous Garden.

See the winning teams designs here!

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JCDISI is pleased that our Intergenerational Play Space co-creation workshop is featured in the Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainable Built Environment 2020 published by the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Green Building Council as one of the ninety two projects to showcase Hong Kong’s efforts in sustainable development. JCDISI hopes the workshop outcomes will be useful for designing intergenerational play spaces and public spaces in Hong Kong going forward.