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SOINNO Design Education

Cultivating Educators to Bring Innovation for the Next Generation

Since 2018, JCDISI has launched the SOINNO Design Education programme to introduce Social Innovation and Design Thinking into the secondary education curriculum. In the programme, students can contemplate the social issues and learn the knowledge that matters to them.

Besides student workshops, we are also committed to provide professional training for teachers and pre-service teachers. We inspire teachers to cope with changing education needs in the unpredictable future. Through collaboration, we work together to cultivate innovative and adaptable next generation in both thinking and doing.

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Reimagining English Education

Do you want your students to learn English more interactively? Together with the teachers, we explored the possibilities of incorporating Maker education into lessons.

Entrusted by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, JCDISI held two professional development workshops for English teachers in August and September 2020. Starting from mapping out students’ goals and ways of learning, teachers  tried to re-envision students’ needs under different learning paths. By exerting the power of metaphor, teachers associated different scenarios in daily life with the classroom setting, and generated their innovative ways of learning and teaching.

Tool-based Learning for Everyone

Should learning tools be limited to just pens and papers? We believethat more diversified learning tools can encourage students to explore and reflect in their learning journey.

Starting from September 2019, JCDISI provided training sessions for teachers and pre-service teachers joining our Education programme. We explored the possibilities of incorporating design into school curriculum. By taking up the roles as facilitators, teachers can lead and encourage students to construct their own knowledge. Through opentool-based learning process, teachers can guide students  to explore and learn autonomously with tools.

Learning Liberal Studies in the Real Word

How might we lead students to understand complex and ever-changing Liberal Studies topics better?

In January 2020, JCDISI cooperated with Hong Kong’s Education Bureau to organise professional development workshop for Liberal Studies teachers. We led them to experience incorporating design activities, including observation of real users and brainstorming innovative ideas, into the curriculum.

Through trying to solve the real-world problems, teachers can guide students to have deeper and boarder understanding on the topics. Students’ whole-person development will be benefited when they can master the skills of thinking in multi-perspectives and applying related knowledge in problem solving.

The People-centred Approach to Online Learning

What gains and deficiencies have been brought to students by online learning under the pandemic? We have tried to conclude the learning with the teachers with first-hand experience.

From June to July 2020, JCDISI held the “Design Thinking X Online Teaching Webinar”. We applied design thinking to reframe problem-liked issues into opportunities, which took forward the benefits from online teaching to the real classrooms, and broadened our imagination on innovative education.

Learning Mathematics by Playing

“It would be great if students could learn in the way like how they play games” We believe this is the wish of many teachers.

In August 2020, JCDISI organised gaming design workshop for Mathematics teachers from Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College. They explored different ways to play with simple materials. This experience inspired them to think of turning the learning process into a game-able learning experience and motivate students to learn.

In the future, we will also support the school to develop a set of card games on learning mathematical factors, allowing students to practice mathematic while having fun.