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Transitional Social Housing

Transitional Social Housing (TSH) is an innovative housing type that broke the traditional dichotomy of private and public housing. The architectural design process of TSH is naturally different from typical housing design. JCDISI’s first three SoInno Action Projects encourage stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to re-imagine the utilisation of idle land resources as TSH. The prototypes aimed to be more than housing for the inadequately housed, but also to enhance placemaking and re-connect the community to response to social needs. The three sites in Sham Shui Po, Stanley and Ma Wan have unique physical and social-economic environments. Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities of the sites and listen to the community.

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Site at the Intersection of Tung Chau Street and Yen Chow Street West, Sham Shui Po

The Sham Shui Po site, approximately 5,000 m², is located at the junction of Yen Chow Street West and Tung Chau Street. The proposed transitional social housing scheme allows for ample open space that will function as a communal area for the residents and a “social boulevard” for the neighbourhood via its 4 MiC block layout.

Former SKH Stanley Village Primary School, 5 Carmel Road, Stanley

The Former SKH Stanley Village Primary School is located at 5 Carmel road, Stanley. The scheme proposed a new 3-storey MiC residential block at the playground. The ground floor of the ex-school building together with the open space could be utilised as a social communal space to enhance connection with the neighbourhood.

Ma Wan Old Village

The proposed scheme aims to preserve and revitalise Ma Wan Old Village with inclusion of community development elements. This may be achieved by incorporating cultural heritage walkway, artist village and shop-house commercial elements, youth hostels and community facilities with the transitional social housing project. The design elements would facilitate the site to become a diversified and vibrant community for residents.

The Action Projects covered three sites with varying physical and socio-economic environments and developed implementable schemes for appropriate types of TSH.

The Report provides a comprehensive documentation of the cross-sector and trans-disciplinary co-creation process which has contributed to enriching the knowledge in the planning, designing and implementing transitional social housing projects in Hong Kong. It is hoped that the Report may contribute to speeding up the delivery of Transitional Social Housing to improve the quality of life of the inadequately housed citizen.

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The implementation of transition of social housing relies on not only the efforts of NGOs, but also a platform that allows trans-sector professionals to co-design suitable housing with decency and expediency to benefit the needy. In late May 2020, JCDISI hosted the Project Planning Workshop for Transitional Social Housing that features planning analysis, architectural design and contract management through online teaching. Connecting the architectural design and social services industries, we hope that knowledge transfer and delivery were enabled for social good.

Please click HERE to replay the workshop.